Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lives Of Larry

I've been enjoying for the most part my first stint at editing something myself. Like writing, it tends to allow the hours to part in time lapses that feel much quicker. Considering the way we put the whole thing together what's turning out is better than I anticipated, but then, I would say that perhaps.
There is great freedom in editing your own material. It's not that I wouldn't have respect for editors but in the non-paying arena where independence relies on huge favors it's the time it takes for a project to be completed that is always the most frustrating aspect.
Should directors sit in on edits? I guess there are varying opinions, for me it's necessary. If directors can edit their own material then all the better. If for nothing else but the ability to work on a few projects at a time and turn them around in a time frame that suits everyone else involved.

By the end of the week the remaining few scenes will be shot and hopefully at some stage late next week we may have something to show for our efforts. It's a little offbeat, set in rural Ireland (for now) and tells the story of Larry Kenny, who is riding out the recession in comfort after a little mid-life crisis. But is Larry all that he makes himself out to be?

Contact has begun to be made with actors with a view to getting a feature shot in the time between now and Christmas. It's not going to be entirely scripted and i hope to work with actors on an individual basis for over three-quarters of it. I seem to be meeting people who want to work at somethings right now because they love what they do. With the tiny size of the Industry here it's safe to say any future in the medium would surely be abroad. I always wanted my first feature to be one that came about through determination rather than because a budget committee said it could. It's a real pity a bigger emphasis wasn't put into film-making in the country especially at entry level and in the educational sector. No time like the present to start putting together greater access for filmmakers to equipment and crew from their chosen fields in my opinion and perhaps the rebranding of FAS might have some impact as well.

Time, like everything, will tell.

The Lives Of Larry - Teaser.