Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re-writing and Crushes.

Had some very positive conversations with some of the actors for the Booker's World web series during the week. I've decided to do another re-write on the first six episodes to include a character I originally thought I'd introduce in series two. But after reading back over the episodes I felt the over all hook for the first series needed further cementing. Gerry Shanahan is set to play the role and it's one I'm looking forward to writing.

We've had a good response with regard the rest of the casting and we will be going everything within the next week and getting back to everyone then. We are probably looking at an early March shoot and the shoot will be extended to 4-5 days in total. I felt we would do it in three, but after a number of chats now, have decided to give ourselves the extra time and there is a lot to get right if we are to engage an audience. But so far, so good. The team we are assembling is far more than could be hoped for at this stage.

I wrote to locations I could access and hopefully will have more news on crew and cast late next week.

I met with the very talented Monica Tivda on Tuesday. Monica is putting the finishing touches to the Arts Journal edit and I'd expect it to be finished shortly and some screenings dates can be announced. I've seen most of it now, there is music to be added and a sound design done on it, but after nearly a year where everything seemed to go wrong, we are almost there. Then the hunt for production funding begins in earnest.

It's been a week of watching tutorials and figuring things out things Final Cut Pro. Like Ireland's recovery, it's been a swine of a time. But to try and advance things in some way this year, I've learned it's essential to make us as Independent as possible. There's a thriving Indie sector here in Ireland but it's not being exploited, if indeed that is the right word. It should be and in proper terms.

Ireland had a sole Oscar nominee this year in the short film category. The Crush, written and directed by first-timer , Michael Dreagh, didn't manage to make the nominations for our own national film awards, the IFTA's.
Sometime this country really confuses me.

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