Thursday, December 8, 2011


A lot of plans fell by the wayside this year for a few reasons - each serving to tell me that this end of filmmaking is not worth the pursuit. Too many let-downs doesn't reflect the work and effort put in behind the scenes in attempts to get things made.
A number of acting people pulled out of a proposed web series after I postponed things for over three months in order to be accommodating for other projects they were on. It just became obvious after a few excuses that my time was being wasted. I try personally not to waste other people's time or tramp on their efforts, but like most arena's in life - the filmmaking world is not immune to it.

But all is not completely lost. Over the next few months I'll be concentrating on a documentary which is a genre that offers a lot more freedom to me as I'll be less reliant on other people. I'm writing a new script with minimal characters and locations - moving away from comedy and doing an absurd social drama piece.
My web series plans are now over. At least the original one. I spent months writing a 6-part series and like all writing material that sits gathering dust it can be a tough pill to swallow. I hate wasting time. However, i'll continue to work on the Don Booker character on Facebook and through my other blog and rely on the sometimes deluded state of thinking that everything will eventually fall into place. If anything all the disappointments during this little venture since 2008 has directed an improved some aspects of my writing - which isn't to bad.

A re-write is now almost complete on Thunder Alley and I have follow up plans for that starting in the new year. It's a better script than the original, a lot tighter. The main character got a name-change too. Too Japanese!

At the end of the day I managed to make three comedies in my home locality which have produced well over an hour of screen time. I think I learned from them all - but it's a tough environment. But it's time to concede that making films is a tough school top attend, especially in the non-paid ranks. Trying to get more professional people on board for projects might help attract some investment at some stage and that's the goal there moving forward.

Here's the final edit of The Lives of Larry. Enjoyed doing it and being able to turn it around quick enough. It's the first thing I have ever edited and like I mentioned before it was practically a two-person crew. Have to take the flaws with the good, but sure hopefully it might give few a laugh along the way.
Thanks to Ray Reilly and Meg Quinn for their help.

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